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Things to Look for While Hiring an Adventure Guide and Tour Director
A tour guide or simply a tourist guide is someone who gives information, guidance on historical, cultural heritage to individuals on a guided tour and individual tourists at selected destination. Tourists hire a guide for several reasons such as destination exploration, touring in a planned package, personal vacation, eco-tourism and many more. Most of the tour guides are well versed with all the local language and are aware of major tourist attractions. These guides are an asset in arranging attractive packages for both single travelers and family tours.

There are several important factors that decide whether you should hire a guide. It is important to know the purpose and agenda of your tour guide. If you’re arranging family tours, then a tour guide will be helpful while if you are organizing sightseeing tours, then he/she can help you identify fascinating places to visit and guide you to the right place. Moreover, a good tour guide has the knowledge about various fascinating sites and landmarks and can plan your tour accordingly. National Parks, caves and lakes, coral reefs and wildlife sanctuaries, cultural heritage and history, deserts and trekking, adventure sports, etc. are some of the most sought after tours and trips.

For sightseeing tours, it is essential for the guide to have knowledge and understanding of the area where you will be visiting. For such tourists, it would be better to appoint a guide who can lead the tourists around the area and assist in walking along the path. The tour guide can also help the tourists to plan their meals so that they do not feel bored and get tired along the way. Also, a good guide can arrange for additional sightseeing during the journey.

In addition, good tour guides also know how to conduct themselves while on tour. This is very important because tourists are always on the move. While on a tour, there may be several places that tourists would like to visit, but they might not have good interaction with the locals. A good tour guide can make the tour comfortable, entertaining and stimulating for both tourists and locals alike. This can also prove beneficial for the foreign tourists as well.

Apart from the above, there are other qualities which an excellent interpersonal skill, good communication skill, and understanding of the culture of the region, state, or country in which you will be travelling. In fact, adventure guides and tour directors are required to get good background information on the areas in which they are travelling. They need to understand the local culture and lifestyle of the people in the regions where they will be travelling.

However, finding a good tour guide and tour director does not prove to be difficult. You need to look out for the number of previous clients that the tour guide or tour director has. This will help you find out if the person has already helped many people plan their tours. Moreover, you can even make contact with people who had been the guests of the tour guide or tour director in the past.

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